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“AMP House is my lucky building!”

“Did you know that AMP House is my lucky building?” laughs Arul Arunachalam, when we meet to talk about the growth of his business, Winway College of Business & Technology, and the courses that it offers students from across the south of England at its HQ in AMP House.

Whether it is down to luck or hard work, what cannot be denied is that Winway College is a huge success and enjoys a growing reputation for providing a range of high-quality functional skills and postgraduate diploma courses in subjects ranging from business administration, technology and health & social care management.

“We established Winway College at AMP House in 2016 and its facilities, location and the flexibility have played a major part in our growth and success,” Arul says.

“The quality of the accommodation is perfect for our needs and when students come to our exam centre, the professional and calm environment helps them to perform to their best ability. The adaptability of the space allows us to create perfect conditions for both study and examination.”

The location and accessibility of AMP House are also appreciated by students. “The proximity of the railway station and tram connections make AMP House perfect. They can travel from central London in a matter of minutes and walk straight into the building. It could not be easier. We also have round the clock access, which means we can provide support and training to suit our students,” he adds.

Winway College was established at AMP House as a start-up business. It has grown from its humble beginnings and now has nine members of staff. As the business has grown, it has benefitted from the ability to take more space within AMP House as and when it is required.

“Our aim has always been to provide students and learners with all the necessary tools they require to get a world-class education. In order to do this we, in turn, need a first-class working environment that allows our students and staff to perform to their best ability and our decision to establish the business at AMP House has brought great fortune to our team and the students who have studied with us. That’s why I think of it as my lucky building!”